Mark Levin Goes Nuclear! Oprah’s Golden Globes ‘Lecture’ Was ‘Grotesque’ (Listen)

All day long, following her Golden Globe speech, the Left has been praising Oprah as the Second Coming or something, hoping for a 2020 presidential run. To be clear the woman did and has done NOTHING with regards to the sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood. On the contrary she went out of her way to not name names especially her PAL Harvey Weinstein.

The Great One rightfully thundered away on this progressive fraud. She is part of the problem with this country, playing a direct hand in socially engineering the mess we find ourselves in!

Hollywood is a cesspool of degenerates and enablers led by monsters, yes monsters, like Oprah Winfrey who are so arrogant they think this monster could be the next President of the United States!
I don’t think so.