Judge Pirro: Justice Coming for Clinton Crime Family (Video)

Judge Pirro started 2018 out by going after the Clinton crime family. She outlined what can only be considered is a money laundering operation of the Clinton foundation, asking anyone if anyone has ever seen a hospital or care facility in the Clinton’s name?! Hundreds of millions went to these crooks and not one hospital built!? Where is all that money going? It’s not going to alleged benefactors like Haitians.

The Clinton’s are beyond corrupt and dirty, they should be under federal investigation. To make maters worse it is clear people within the DOJ and FBI are involved with them and protecting them to this day. Anyone claiming the reason they’re under investigation is politically driven is full of it. It’s amazing an investigation has even been opened since Jeff Sessions has been manipulated to recuse himself out of just about anything going on by the very people who have ties to the Clintons.