Congressmen Call for Sessions to Go (Video)

Jeff Sessions is a disgrace to the office of Attorney General. He hides in fear from the bullies of the Left in taking any action against the criminal activity taking place right before him. He was manipulated by the very same individuals engaged in corruption to recuse himself from any and all investigations and cowers to even speak on any issue. Rep Jordan and many others calling for his resignation are justified at this point calling for Sessions to go. The AG has proven himself to be completely incompetent while one of the biggest cases of corruption unfolds right before him.

The man has been MIA since taking office where the most recent time we see Sessions is when he comes out against marijuana NOT the opioid crisis! His recusal is not legally binding yet the man seems comfortable with it and expanding what he can or cannot be involved with. The man is clearly in over his head and it is time for him to resign or Pres Trump to fire him.

Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan: It’s time for Jeff Sessions to go