Maxine Waters Vows to Continue Calling for Trump’s Impeachment 📺

Maxine “Low IQ” Waters was in denial following the House Intel Committee’s announcement they were ending the investigation into Trump-Russia because there is NO evidence of collusion. She believes special counsel Robert Mueller will “connect the dots” to “prove collusion”, along with alleged acts of obstruction, so they (not sure who) can move to impeach Pres Trump.

There are no dots to connect, no acts of obstruction of justice either. As explained on this site countless times, collusion is not a crime and POTUS is acting within his plenary powers when he has fired individuals or taken other action. Waters is blatantly deceiving viewers and her supporters to cover for her failures in public office for over 25 years. This is nothing but a PR stunt she’s pushing to gain voter support and raise funds on empty promises of impeachment, to get her through the midterms.

To date no evidence has been presented of collusion nor has she produced the federal statutes stating it is a crime.