Ingraham & Fox 1, Hogg & Far-Left 0: Fox Host Was NOT Suspended

Being that this time of year is spring break for many in school and it was Easter, there is zero proof the first week of April Laura Ingraham has taken off has anything to do with BULLY David Hogg’s attack on the radio/ tv host. The Left went berserk when she announced on her Mar 30 show she would be out the following week, believing they won another Fox News scalp over a simple tweet she posted many deemed offensive toward Hogg.

Fact is Hogg WHINED on TMZ, she retweeted a story about him WHINING pointing it out. Hogg, like it or not, is now a public figure subject to criticism couldn’t take it, threw a childish tantrum and with the help of Leftists a massive boycott campaign was launched against Ingraham for telling the truth.

Well the Left will not be happy as news broke earlier today with a statement in support of Ingraham from Fox co-president Jack Abernathy:

“We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts. We look forward to having Laura Ingraham back hosting her program next Monday when she returns from spring vacation with her children.”

This statement is refreshing to see, clearly the Fox host was not suspended, but the damage of the activist’s tantrum driven boycott still exists. 20 companies have taken sides, whom IMO never watched the TMZ video to see Hogg clearly whining to Harvey Levin. They immediately jumped over pressure driven by hardcore Leftists who were threatening to boycott these companies if they continued to advertise on Ingraham’s show. What these companies don’t understand is they will still be subjected to a boycott from the other half of the country who is TIRED of this nonsense.

People have a right to speak and say what they want. Children choosing to become public figures, with the intention of changing public policy will be subjected to criticism, ridicule and mockery. They’re either kids or activists, they cannot be both. Hogg’s “I’m a kid you can’t touch me card” was revoked the day he started slinging vulgarities and harsh attacks at anyone who opposed his viewpoints. Saying he whined because he did is not bullying, and the fact Hogg rejected Ingraham’s apology demanding much more just tells you there was more behind this that the butthurt. Leftists were waiting for some excuse to present itself to go after Laura, fortunate for her Fox isn’t caving as they did with other hosts.

David Hogg, YOU LOSE this round and thanks for exposing a bunch of companies not worthy of many Normal Americans hard earned money!

The companies who have cowered to Hogg,  might want to think twice before taking orders from an unhinged child, whose backed by groups getting funding from the DNC, Soros and Bloomberg next time around. Have fun joining Delta Airlines and Dick’s Sporting Goods taking a loss in revenue for not taking a neutral stand!