Parkland Teen SHOT 5 Times Blames Broward Sheriff and School Superintendent for Shooting 📺

Anthony Borges, a 15 year old who was shot 5 times protecting fellow Parkland classmates released a statement through his attorney, Alex Arreaza, pointing the finger of blame for the school shooting directly at the Broward Sheriffs Office and the county school superintendent.

While his fellow classmates David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky etc are cashing in campaigning and protesting Americans rights to be able to defend themselves be taken away, Borges has been dealing with a long recovery totaling 9 surgeries!

Is it safe to assume with Borges and his family pointing the finger of blame where it solely belongs the media won’t be fawning over him? Hands down this attack was preventable by the very system people want to cede more power to who CHOSE not to act.

We’re almost two months out from the attack and many are still asking why Sheriff Scott Israel still has a job? SHAME on the citizens of Broward County for not recalling him. SHAME on Gov Scott and State AG Pam Bondi for taking zero action to remove him from office.

As for Superintendent Robert Runcie, he should be removed from office as well for bringing this program that protects criminal juveniles from Chicago to Broward County. It’s not surprising it is a policy born from the former radical, dangerous obama regime.