Pirro Blasts Establishment GOP Over Allowing Left to Obstruct Trump & Trash First Family 📺

Judge Pirro puts together an excellent synopsis of how the Left, mind you out political power, are still very much in control of the country while the establishment GOP sits idly by! Pres Trump and his family are under constant ridicule and attack from the Left at every level from the media, to state govts, to those in DC. They are behind the Deep State seeking to unseat the duly elected President of the United States with unfounded claims of collusion and obstruction of justice, as well as obstructing putting his policies into action.

If we had any other republican for POTUS the GOPe would actually be fighting back. Instead this bunch allows the Left to do their dirty work even.. EVEN if it costs them seats in Congress!

The GOPe’s complacency by allowing the Left to obstruct the Trump Presidency as we head into the 2018 Midterms is beyond disgraceful. As of now they will get slaughtered in Nov not heeding Pres Trump’s warning, twice now, to stop being complacent. The leadership as well as GOP Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, should all be removed from power. It’s abundantly clear what’s really going on here, the GOPe has ceded messaging and power to the Left because they wants to lose! Why? So Trump can be impeached and then they can go back to business as usual enriching themselves and screwing all of us!