Sen Feinstein Admits Sen Dems Support Bill Not Allowing Arrests Within 100mi Border 📺


This clip should not anger but scare the hell out law-abiding, sane, normal Americans.

The democrats are running with this narrative of kids in cages they have ignored for years, when obama was in power, with the hopes of getting what they want: amnesty. This bill Diane Feinstein and democrats have proposed to stop child separation would allow illegals to enter the US and travel 100 miles within the US without fear of apprehension! “Republican” Sen Collins, while a progressive, did the country a favor by making this information public Feinstein was quickly willing to reverse when called out about it on live tv. But think about it for a minute, all the dems in the Senate support the bill as is and they would’ve moved on it keeping this small detail from the public if they could.

To make such a legislative proposal is not only foolish but quite dangerous. For a minute let’s forget about job and better life seeking Jose & Maria Doe with their 10 kids, what about America’s enemies?! The cartels, jihadists and terrorists would be fools not take advantage of the border being left open with a 100 mile do not touch zone!

Democrats want the border left wide open for anyone to stroll across unchallenged. They do not care about the national security risks it puts on the nation. All they see with kids in cages are votes, ratings, clicks and donations. They do not care about Americans nor our safety.

Maybe it’s about time for someone to get a few busloads of illegals and drop them off in Beverly Hills, Pacific Heights, Manhattan and other well to do neighborhoods elitists like Feinstein dwell in! Illegal should hear and see these elitists speaking on their behalf and be encouraged to literally set up camp in elitists front yards!