Maddow Sheds Crocodile Tears Over Illegal Alien Children Being Detained 📺


Rachel Maddow is a fraud. Where was she when these images and stories over illegal alien children being separated from their parents in 2014 (arguably far worse than now), PER US LAWS dating back to Bill Clinton’s administration?

This MONSTER like ALL Leftists has the audacity to blame Donald Trump for the laws that have been on the books prior to 2016 for what is happening NOW. No crocodile tears, not even a mention of any of this when it was going on under obama… Maddow and her network were nowhere to be found to cover the story of when the evil Glenn Beck went to the border to hand out toys and food to the illegals while firmly calling for the rule of law to be enforced to STOP it from happening. Y’all remember that, how people Left and Right (especially Breitbart News) berated and attacked Beck for giving out Teddy Bears to kids showing some compassion and heart!?

Isn’t it just amazing how the Left all of sudden, out of the blue cares for illegal alien children being separated from their parents who broke US law? They seem just fine when families, American families, are broken up as a result of one or both parents going to jail for breaking the law. They have no problem when an American family is permanently torn apart when their child is taken from then by the hands of criminal illegal aliens. They never throw fits or cry on air when a parent is sent to jail calling for the kids to go to prison with them. They never seem to be upset when an unruly child is taken from families and put into the juvenile detention system either! But my God you take a child away from an adult claiming to be their parent after said parent crossed the US border in middle of nowhere, mind you a dangerous trek for the child, well stop everything to hell with the laws keep them together and set them free in the US.

The only reason the media cares about these kids now is because Trump is President.

NO sorry it doesn’t work that way, Rachel’s shedding of crocodile while blaming Trump for something he had nothing to do just proves the fraud she is. There is a warm seat in hell waiting for you.