Judge Pirro Warns We’re Witnessing the Evolution of a Socialist Coup ๐Ÿ“บ


The Left took to America’s cities and streets today protesting against ICE, calling for it to be abolished, saying it is Pres Trump’s private police force. These people oddly were MIA from 2009-2016 when obama was using said agency to do the same exact thing they’re doing today under Trump. All the people protesting share the same political views, that America is bad, racist really, the border should be open allowing illegals to enter the US freely and be entitled to everything US citizens enjoy.

Leftists argue “immigrants” aka illegal aliens should have free education, housing, medical care, food, money and/ or be given a job. Only socialists (communists lite) think like this, where the govt is all powerful controlling everything and divvying it out to the people.

Socialism is rising at dangerous rate in America. Socialists once hid in the shadows, denied their beliefs where only a few like Bernie Sanders would proudly declare it, but now the masks are off and people are boldly declaring they’re socialists. The fact socialism has never worked doesn’t phase any of these people either, they are just in love with the idea of it. They think they can do it better while they watch Venezuela burn and Sweden get overrun by islamists who are terrorizing the country, now #1 for rapes.

Socialists are the ones taking to America’s streets demanding the end of our immigration system. They don’t care about the long term damage that will result from an open border policy. They don’t care that MS-13, the drug cartels and terrorists will capitalize from the dangerous policies they’re pushing. All these people see is power and control if illegals are allowed into the US and granted all the same rights as citizens.

What we’re witnessing is as Pirro argues an evolution of a socialist coup. These people hate this country and the rule of law. As she argues they’re the ones always wanting to dismiss the rule of law by saying ___ system is broken, be it the immigration, criminal justice, banking etc. Socialists say something is broken and then want to take it over. Leftist’s can’t be trusted running any part of the US govt, we saw from 2009-2016 the amount of damage they can do. It is only now under Trump who is fixing it all they’re enraged taking to the streets. We cannot allow them to have their way on any issue. The Left will drive this country into the ground given the opportunity.