Defiant Maxine Waters Attacks Pelosi & Schumer, Those Making Death Threats ‘Better Shoot Straight’ 📺


The rhetoric coming out of Maxine Waters is not only defiant but extremely dangerous. She is attacking democrat party leadership (Pelosi and Schumer) showing no respect and a willingness to escalate tensions that are already at a boiling point.

Waters’ calls for harassment of Trump admin officials and GOP leaders, which funnels all the way down to the avg Trump supporter and GOP voter to hardcore Leftists, is a blessing to do anything and everything to their opposition. She KNOWS the extremists will take this as a green light to get in people’s faces antagonizing them to instigate outright violence; history has shown harassment = violence in the dems playbook. As a result of this rhetoric she has been subjected to death threats, where instead of taking measures to calm things down, Waters is ratcheting things up, telling those who are making the threats they ‘better shoot straight, there’s nothing like a wounded animal. I am prepared to make whatever sacrifices needed to be made..’

Waters doesn’t care about the ramifications for anything she says. Waters is willing to throw party members under the bus over her sick and twisted obsession to “Impeach 45”, regardless of the fact Pres Trump has done nothing wrong. Agree or not she is antagonizing unhinged idiots on both sides to start actual physical altercations over her obsession to get Trump, even if her life is put in danger. Waters is beyond dangerous, Speaker Ryan should look into using any Constitutional power available to get her in line before SHE gets someone killed!

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