DNC Deputy Chair Ellison Floats The Idea of Impeaching SCOTUS Judges If Dems Take Control Of Congress 📺

DNC Deputy Chair Rep Keith Ellison is as upset as you would expect a democrat socialist to be following Pres Trump nominating Brett Kavanugh as Justice Kennedy’s successor. As you know democrats are promising the world to voters, from raising taxes, bowing down to America’s enemies and of course impeaching Pres Trump, if they are voted back into majority in Congress.

To one up the many promises the socialist party is making, Keith X (“Ellison, who has paid homage to Malcolm X by previously writing under the pen name Keith “X” Ellison, almost beat out seven other candidates to win the party chairmanship.”~CR) has thrown the possibility of impeaching Trump appointed judges is the socialist party regains control of Congress!

Keith X isn’t too smart, because lightbulbs💡 are going off in everyone’s heads right now wondering, “why don’t we do that to the democrat appointed judges right now, since the GOP holds majority!?” Think about it for a second, of all the Justices who should be thrown out Ginsburg is at the top of the list. She is on official record saying we should go by the South African Constitution, because its loaded with social justice nonsense. This woman took an oath to uphold the US Constitution, yet has taken one position after another in opposition. And how about Sonia Sotomayer after her 20 minute rant following the ruling to uphold the travel ban!? She more or less said to hell with the rule of law, which gives POTUS the power to restrict entry for ANYONE to enter the US.

If dems were to get control of Congress and actually attempt impeaching Justices, let alone Trump, all hell would break loose.  Careful what you wish for Keith X, you might just get it!