Ocasio-Cortez Lays Out Socialist Plan to Pay For Free Stuff: Raise Taxes, Cut Military Spending (Video)


Appearing on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the new face of the democrat.. socialist party Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explained how she, the Left really, will pay for all the free stuff they want to offer people in exchange for their votes: raise taxes and cut military spending.

Don’t roll your eyes and dismiss her, what AOC is saying here is how ALL Leftists think. She has the guts to say it where as a Pelosi to a Schumer is scared to, instead choosing clever language to pass it off and make it acceptable; example they’ll use “fees” “fines” “service charge” etc vs “__ tax”.

You see silly ‘Mericans in the minds of the Left, that money, you bust your ass for every week, isn’t your money. Leftists think all the money you work hard for is theirs to do as they please. They permit you to have some of it to keep roof over your head, few morsels of food to eat and feed the family, and of course have some form of transportation to get to work.. for them!

Of course AOC wants to cut military spending because she like all Leftists HATES the military, except when they want to use the military for protection and carrying out their agenda. In the Left’s twisted utopian fantasy there is one world order, NWO if you will, where people can come and go from any nation (open borders) and anyone who goes against them is quickly squashed by the police state they created. They want the cuts made but that’s only after they get everything they want. Once they have control they’ll make some cuts to look good but in reality they know they need the military to control you. Meanwhile in reality the US’ ability to defend itself is diminished leaving the nation vulnerable to attack from rogue states, like Iran or worse China. FTR when Clinton cut spending we got al-Qaeda then 9/11, and under obama we got ISIS, Iran ramping up its nuclear program (faster than under other admins) etc etc. A strong US military keeps the monsters around the world at bay, having the best aircraft, tanks, guns etc matters. People don’t like to hear all that but it’s the truth. The last thing you want to do is create another vacuum that empowers enemies of the free world. This dunce and her ilk of course want that.

Socialism has never worked, it has always produced starvation and war once the power elite run out of the people’s money. You’ve heard it a million times, but just take a look at fmr USSR, Venezuela, Cuba and other socialist run states, they’re in chaos or the verge of total economic collapse. The economy on a global scale is still on the brink, the debt remains not just for the US but other nations. AOC, this CHILD, has no clue and if anything is living proof a college education (she holds degree in economics from Boston U) is worthless.