Progressive Democrat Policies Have Created 3rd World Conditions in Los Angeles (Video)

Progressives are a cancer to America, where economic and social destruction is the end result of everything they touch. California was once a Red State, the same state that elected Ronald Reagan as Governor and years after twice as President of the USA. Since the Reagan years CA has slowly turned deep democrat Blue, where extremists rose to and remain in power.

The people living on the streets of LA, as well as Anaheim, poopy San Francisco and other CA cities are the direct result of radical progressive leaders policies who have destroyed the economy, running countless businesses out over high taxes, regulations and political correctness. They’ve wasted funds on lavish offices, like the one shown in this video for SCAG, to offering free stuff at taxpayers expense, legalizing drugs, decriminalizing theft (anything $950 and lower is a slap on the wrist) and of course protecting illegal aliens. All of this and much more at the hands of progressives have created a society dependent on the govt where many live lawless on the taxpayer’s dime, unless you’re a blue-collar worker or worse a conservative.

Let this video be a lesson to all that this is what happens when voters blow off midterm elections and only the devout Leftists get out to vote. CA is under one party control because republican and independent voters got complacent to where eventually they became outnumbered. If you don’t want that to happen to your city or state you better get out and vote, you better get your friends, family and those of like-minds registered and out to vote too.