Nunes: DOJ and FBI Stalling on FISA Requests Into Midterms (Video)


“There’s a stall game going on at DOJ and FBI, they’re trying to stall as much they can hoping and betting that Republicans would lose the House in the fall.”

How corrupt is the upper echelon of the DOJ and FBI? They’re so corrupt they have been stalling Congressional oversight committees requests for FISA document requests, running the clock down to the midterm elections! The DOJ and FBI are hoping for the Blue Wave to save them because if democrats take control of Congress they will shutdown all the investigations that are running right now to uncover those within the Deep State engaged in a silent coup against Pres Trump.

Conservative, republican and TEA Party voters this is no joke. Historically there is a low turnout in the midterm elections where the minority party tends to win majority because voters are complacent. If the democrats win in November you bank on everything Nunes is saying here. If by some act of God democrats take both houses, scrounge up 67 votes in the Senate, Trump will be impeached and everything he has accomplished will be undone. The ball is in your court to stop the democrats this November.