Fmr CIA Dir Brennan Whines Trump Revoking Security Clearance is an “Abuse of Power” (Video)

Pres Trump revoked fmr CIA Dir John Brennan’s security clearance today and as you would expect Brennan through a bit of fit on twitter before going on MS-13NBC. This RETIRED intelligence agency official, who is NO LONGER employed by the US govt, had the audacity to suggest this revocation is and abuse of power going so far as to suggest it’s an assault on freedom of speech!

Keep in mind this is the same guy who was spying on the Senate Intel Committee and LIED to Congress! Brennan should be facing prosecution or be in jail for what he has done.

Brennan is now a private citizen who is employee of NBC, he does not need access to sensitive material. Furthermore, he is national security risk over how he gladly leaks information. This is the guy who orchestrated the Russian conspiracy against Pres Trump who, for those who don’t know, voted for a communist for US president! If anyone is an asset of the Russian govt, this sites money is on Brennan!

To be clear the argument as to why Brennan, Clapper, and other fmr obama regime members, holds a security clearance is in case they are required to speak/ testify on national security issues where classified information needs to be reviewed. On the flip side of that their clearance could be revoked their last day of work and if they are needed to consult on classified issued they could be granted temporary restricted clearance being granted access to only the information in question. This policy needs to be gutted for ANY administration.