Dem Running for Senate Threatens Any Lawyers Helping Trump Fire Mueller Will End Up in Jail (Video)


Richard Painter, fmr ethics lawyer in Pres George W Bush’s admin and republican, is running for the US Senate in MN on the democrat ticket appeared on MS-13NBC spewing nonsense as one would expect from that network. The new thing now for all these lawyers on the DNC propaganda networks is to make up laws. They cooked up collusion and have been repeating it since Trump took office where people now believe it’s actually a crime. They want you to believe anything Trump did before he was POTUS is an impeachable offense, including paying off porn stars and Playboy models to keep their traps shut.

So now this attorney,  Painter, who appears to literally be on the verge of a mental breakdown, says any lawyer who helps (counsels) the President of the United States to invoke his plenary powers to fire Mueller, or anyone he wants under the Executive Branch, will be committing obstruction of justice and will “end up making license plates” in jail!”

This nonsense is just tiring at this point. It really is amazing how the dems make up the rules as we go along. They are that kid on the playground whose losing a game and decides to change the rules in the middle of play. The good thing is they’ll still lose, but then we have to deal with them ranting like banshees. The best way to deal with democrats is to throw them all out of office, to enact what was coined in a tweet “Electoral Extermination” calling out republican voters have a duty to vote and end this.

Could you imagine this loon Painter sitting in the US Senate carrying on like he does?! Don’t let it happen, electorally exterminate the democrats from Congress, otherwise all of this WILL happen:

Impeach Trump
Increase taxes
Reverse the positive course of the economy by ceding US economic power overseas
Open borders
Amnesty for illegal aliens (they’ll have the right to vote)
Repeal the Second Amendment
Free Speech will squashed
Bowing down to US’ enemies