Dem Sen Defends “Well Justified” Harassment Of GOP Senators Over Kavanaugh (Vid)


Here we have another democratic US Senator, Chris Coons, giving his blessing for GOP Senators like Susan Collins to be harassed over Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination/ impending vote. It has been documented on this site, as well as many others, where it is abundantly clear democrats fully support their radical foot soldiers, from antifa, PETA, Code Pink etc, harassing anyone who opposed their agenda and ideology.

“I think that’s well justified because of the level of fear, concern, of anxiety both about the unpredictable behavior of our president and the ways in which the Supreme Court may very well shift to a conservative majority for years or decades to come.”

While Coons, Waters and the rest of their ilk will give this blessing in good will of general protest the problem is the people their giving their blessing take it as a green light for anything goes. What Coons and other dem leaders don’t understand or know and ignore is that harassment = violence to the typical leftist activist. They will antagonize, berate and do everything possible to get their target riled up. When that doesn’t work or they get lip service pushed right back at them, these “activists” have a history of physically lashing out! We have tons of videos from 2016 to now, showing how “civilized” debate crumbles into physical altercations where leftist draw first blood because they have nothing to say in rebuttal or become so triggered with words or by the sight of a Trump MAGA hat they attack.

As pointed on this site many times, democrat leaders, as well as the media, refusing to condemn violence and harassing people has locked them in for total accountability. WHEN we have another Alexandria, or the next guy with a knife is successful, Coons and his ilk will own it.

Conservatives, Trump supporters these people hate you act accordingly; get self-defense training, but guns and ammo and get proper training in their use. The left is out for blood, watch you 6.