Dem Congressman Goes on Unhinged Tirade Against Trump’s Preparedness For Hurricane (Vid)


Our dem pal, on his way out of office, Rep Luis Gutierrez, went on an unhinged tirade against Pres Trump over the lack of preparedness for Hurricane Florence, which has yet to hit, over the admins response last year to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico(PR).

Yes, this lunatic blamed POTUS for people dying claiming a lazy response!

It’s time to set the record straight since the media won’t, let alone this nut, with the worst overbite I’ve ever seen since Freddie Mercury, is a purveyor of lies and misinformation.

Puerto Rico is broke. The small island nation/ US territory filed bankruptcy in May 2017 being $70B in debt  B E F O R E  Hurricane Maria hit.

“It’s the biggest municipal bankruptcy filing ever in the US. Puerto Rico currently owes its creditors a whopping $70 billion, far higher than Detroit’s $18 billion bankruptcy in 2013.” ~CNN Money

They have/ had no money to put into basic infrastructure, more specifically their power grid. The grid was beyond outdated and antiquated with no protection to a massive storm. Maria hits and what do you know the grid is wiped out. The damage and destruction PR experienced is not Pres Trump’s fault. Their problems have existed for decades, and frankly is one of the reasons people are against PR becoming a state because their debt becomes America’s debt… and last thing we need is more of that.

PR is 1014 miles from the US (Miami), we just can’t get truck loads of equipment and supplies at a moments notice over there. It takes time to assess the damage and deploy what’s needed. Everything that could be done was done, the PR governor never had anything bad to say over Trump’s response. Yes, some leaders in PR claimed otherwise but have they explained why all this water for civilian consumption has been sitting!?

What else is sitting in a filed, dock or warehouse as there were stories of truck drivers refusing to work over union issues?!

The Trump admin has done everything they can in preparation for this coming storm. Gutierrez is fearmongering, driving hate and division at the expense of the dead in PR for political points for the DNC going into the midterms. Thank God this monster is not seeking re-election, but who knows what kind of damage he will do when he is out following obama’s lead!