MSNBC Panel Defends Phone Calls, “Passion of People”, Threatening GOP Senator Over Kavanaugh Vote 📺

The evidence continues to pile up demonstrating the media is complicit with violence and threats of violence towards conservatives and republicans. This is an example of these people running their mouths without thinking first, when they’re in company of like minds they say what they really think and feel.

How do these monsters excuse threats against Sen Susan Collins with regards to voting or not for Judge Kavanaugh? They say those making heated and threatening calls to her is “the passion of people”. Guess that goes right along with the whole freedom fighter excuse too. That’s fine, let them say this garbage, when there’s MORE blood in the streets they own it. Democrats and the media have nowhere to go now if anyone on the right is assaulted or killed. They’ve ignored every single opportunity to separate themselves from the violent monsters who live among us.

The media and democrat leaders clearly endorse and support the violent left, they’re complicit at this point, just going to show this nation is severely, and most likely permanently, divided. There’s no coming back from this, that dark tunnel we’re headed through, as discussed on this site over the years, is a lock – VERY WARM civil war is in full effect now.