After Attacking People For 8 Years as POTUS, Obama Criticizes Trump’s Call For Civility


Blood will surely shoot out of anyone’s eyes who watches this speech in its entirety over the double-standards and hypocrisy coming out of fmr pres obama’s mouth. This is the same fmr president who spent 8 years attacking his opposition, demonizing them when he wasn’t trivializing their concerns and patriotism.

How do we know he’s talking about Pres Trump? “I’m hoping you think it’s wrong to hear people spend years, months vilifying people, questioning their patriotism, calling them enemies of the people

obama doesn’t want to say Pres Trump’s name, but he did take what Trump said “enemies of the people” out of context. What Trump said was fake news is the enemy of the people. The fmr self-appointed dictator knows this but he is trying to rally the troops to get democrats elected to stop POTUS from erasing what’s left of his sad Executive Order driven “legacy”.

The fact is obama’s abuse of power got so great he was going after the press, something the media doesn’t want to talk about, even though the evidence is there for anyone who wants to see it – from the reporters at Fox to the AP.

“Obama’s Justice Department accessed the personal email of a Fox News reporter and surveilled the reporter’s parents and colleagues. They seized the home, work and mobile phone records of journalists at the Associated Press.

Risen, who fought the administration to protect his sources, got so deep in his own legal battle with Obama that he selected a reading list for prison before the government finally backed off.

White House officials subverted the press in a number of ways while touting themselves as the most transparent in history.

Obama routinely banned news photographers from official events. He went months between press conferences and used social media to circumvent reporters.

First lady Michelle Obama took policy trips overseas with no press on her airplane. The White House scrubbed public visitor logs of names it didn’t want in the news.

The Obama administration posted the worst record in history for fulfilling requests for public records under the Freedom of Information Act.” ~ Variety

– Obama, whose administration prosecuted and spied on reporters, claims Trump is very bad for criticizing newsrooms
– Obama’s legacy will be one of secrecy and hostility toward the press

The left is hung up on Trump’s rhetoric from years ago suggesting it is how he is now, ie calling for people to be punched in the face. Through this they justify their harsh rhetoric to kick people, harass them and to remain uncivil until democrats are running everything. The recent bomb threats by an unhinged Trump supporter has resulted in Z E R O victims. Meanwhile the harsh rhetoric from the left has actually resulted in republicans being injured, some severely.

All obama did was prove he remains one of the most deceptive, divisive politicians/ presidents this country has ever had. If you’re tired of him and the democrat party running this country into the ground you have a duty to elect republicans/ conservatives to office to in effect POLITICALLY exterminate the democrats. That’s how you shut obama, Clinton, Holder, Waters, Pelosi, media etc up. Destroy them at the voting booth or sit home and let them go back to the way things used to be.