Mexican Federal Police Stopping Buses & Trucks to Transport Migrants North to USA

Mexico is NOT Americas friend nor ally. They did nothing to stop their own country from being invaded by over 7000 central Americans who have every intention of violating the United States sovereignty, compromising our already strained social entitlement system and economy.

It’s no surprise to see this footage of Mexican Federal Police stopping local buses and trucks asking them to take migrants north to the USA!

Shame on any American who travels and vacations in Mexico. Your money is funding a corrupt govt who is willfully aiding and abetting soon to be illegal aliens. Aside from the national security risk from criminals, gang members and terrorists blending in, have we talked about the health risks these people pose? Typhoid, Measles, Mumps, TB and many other infectious diseases wiped out in the US will spread like wildfire if these invaders breach the US border.

Pres Trump needs to deploy far more than 800+ troops to the border to assist the border patrol. This invasion must be stopped at any cost. YES, that woman, child, teen etc pose a threat to the American people. We have no idea if any have been immunized, so each and every one of the them is a bioweapon. That doesn’t mean people are shot, but the military and law enforcement must be allowed to use whatever non-lethal methods they have available to protect the homeland.