Deported “Migrant” Caravan Member Wants to Re-Enter US and Seek Pardon for Murder!

The media is adamant the “migrants” in the caravan headed to the US from Central America and Mexico are good people, who just want better lives. Any suggestion there are gang members, terrorists or criminals within the caravan is quickly dismissed followed with heavy attacks of bigotry and racism. Yet here we have a “migrant” who was already deported from the US and was convicted of 3rd degree attempted murder. This wonderful, good-hearted soul will once again break our laws by crossing the border ILLEGALLY and then seek a pardon from Pres Trump!

You cannot make this  up, and it IS the democrats lax immigration and border policies that are a magnet for people like this guy to come to the US. The dem party is beyond defiant to the rule of law, people see it, especially illegals, so why not, let’s go to America the heck with the rules and laws.

Between the Kavanaugh fiasco, the blame game over the recent synagogue shooting, 8 years of turning a blind eye to obama’s blatant violations of the law and all the other acts of insanity committed by the left isn’t enough to get people out to vote for the GOP next Tues, then this country will get the govt it deserves for being lazy and complacent.