“Migrant” Caravan Getting Help From ‘Organized Bus Operation’ For Rides Thru Mexico to US

Democrats hopes for the “migrant” caravan to reach the US border before the midterm election just got a boost as Fox News’ Griff Jenkins reports the coming invaders are doing less walking and more waiting for rides north. Aside from the Mexican Federal Police stopping trucks and buses asking drivers to give the invaders a ride north, ‘there’s an organized bus operation’ to transport these future illegal democrat voters to the next Mexican city on their way to America’s border!

While Pres Trump has ordered the deployment of 5000 troops to secure the border it might not be enough as Jenkins also reported on the second wave that is making its way north. Make no mistake about it, this is an invasion when you have people who are proudly displaying their flag, vowing to enter another country by force with total disregard of its laws, who have already violated other countries immigration laws. And it’s being reported these “migrants” are carrying firearms and gasoline bombs.