Clinton Tells Left to Stop Being Civil Until Dems Have Power

Hillary Clinton just can’t get over losing the 2016 election to Donald Trump and all the progress being made under his administration. She can’t accept she was a lousy candidate, divisive as hell, was in favor of policies the American people rejected and were not about to have a “third obama term” through her.

Speaking with Christine Amanpour in Oxford, England, Clinton stated, as if being in a different country code exempts her from being divisive as hell, ‘You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.’

In simpleton terms she is telling her supporters and leftists, who have been protesting and rioting since Nov 9th 2016, to stop being civil with their opposition, aka Normal Americans, aka you and me, until after democrats hold power again. This is just another endorsement, blessing, call it whatever you want from a democrat party leader giving the base a green-light to be divisive, destructive and violent until they have power again. Remember in the minds of the dems foot soldiers harassment = violence. The assault on Rand Paul, countless attacks on Trump supporters for simply wearing a pro-Trump MAGA hat, shirt or whatever, GOP leaders being confronted in restaurants, at their homes etc is all okay to Clinton, Waters, Pelosi, Booker, and the media.

This is why I have stated there is NO COMING BACK from what democrats have done. There will be no hugs, handshakes following a “heartfelt” apology from these people. THEY HATE YOU with every fiber of their being. They want complete and total control over our lives and will be as uncivil, including violent, to get their way.

That said I will close with this question, no one seemed to want to answer:
Democrats claim to be the party of peace and tolerance. Funny thing about that is we say the same thing about ISIS/ radical islam after they threaten and kill, “there goes the religion of peace and tolerance”.

What’s the difference, IDEOLOGICALLY, between the democrats and radical islamists?