Sen Hirono Defends Angry Left-Wing Mob Tactics: People Are Motivated By What is Going On


As Normal Americans have come to expect, here we have another democrat, Sen Mazie Hirono, defending leftists who are engaged in harassing and tormen… terrorizing members of the Trump admin, GOP leaders and of course their supporters.

There she goes as you would expect, Hirono has to throw in “White supremacists” card to defend her position. What the hell is she talking about? There’s like “50” of them and they aren’t really doing anything. No, NOT defending them, White Nationalists are so few no one cares. Meanwhile democrat/ leftists coast-to-coast are well documented harassing and assaulting conservatives and republicans.

Yes, there is tremendous divisiveness in the US, but let’s be clear the LEFT is driving it. It’s not up for debate anymore, it’s fact. They will always invoke White Nationalists, hinting to Charlottesville attack, but that was carried out by White Nationalists who are also known as nazis, which is short for National SOCIALISTS! How can socialists be on the right? Well they are, if you’re European. You see that’s what’s going on, the left is conflating American right with European “right”, they’re not one in the same on the political spectrum.

Democrats know this but they need something to support their claims as THEY divide this nation over the fact they lost a GD election 2 years ago!

Not to trivialize the violence and death in Charlottesville, but one act of violence by the alleged “right”(again they’re not) does not equal countless well documented acts by the left.
Here are just a fraction of attacks on this site by the left:
“Shut It Down” Leftists Threaten to Hurt and Kill President Trump
Antifa Attack Police and NBC News Reporter in Charlottesville
Leftists Following Maxine Waters Orders Harassed & Attacked Conservatives Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens
Leftists Harass and Threaten Mitch McConnell, “We Know Where You Live”

This is what democrats do, they lie, they twist words and events around banking on viewers having no clue about what really happened and accepting someone like Hirono’s account as Gospel.

There is NO defense in any situation by anyone of people harassing others over their political beliefs. It’s NOT a free speech issue either. The First Amendment doesn’t give people the right to harass and commit acts of violence as we see from the left. Hirono, Waters, Booker, many in the democrat controlled media all defend these monsters, so when blood is spilled they must be held accountable