Valerie Jarrett Excuses Dems Violent Rhetoric, Thinks Holder’s Threat to “Kick” Republicans is a Joke

Whoa big shocker, fmr obama admin senior advisor Valerie Jarrett is making excuses for the violent rhetoric coming from the left that materializes into actual physical violence. Meanwhile they point fingers at Pres Trump and people on the right as the violent ones yet who is attacking conservatives verbally and physically? Who is getting arrested at rallies? Who is breaking windows, destroying private property when they don’t get their way?

And no sorry Valerie, Eric Holder was NOT kidding around when he said “when they go low we kick them.” The former sub-president of the US is literally trying to gaslight the country on Holder’s words we saw and heard with our own eyes and hears. Anyone with 2 brain cells who watched the video saw Holder say that with a straight face, and stern voice. He was not smiling, chuckling, speaking sarcastically, not even a smirk from the corner of his mouth after he said that to “thunderous applause” from attendees. Holder, like Hillary, Pelosi, Booker, Waters and the rest of the violent unhinged left meant every word he said.

Jarrett is just another radical leftist joining a long list of dems giving her blessing for their foot soldiers to harass and attack anyone who speaks out of line, against their progressive agenda. 5 days America that’s all you have left to stop these monsters dead in their tracks. DO NOT listen to anyone suggesting this election is locked upper the GOP. Those bragging polling numbers, speaking as if they just won the lottery are a problem creating a dangerous level of complacency. Assume ALL GOP candidates are down 10pts and act accordingly. Vote, bring friends and family of like minds to vote and have them do the same. We need voter turnout at 2016 levels, more or less everyone who voted for Trump +5! Otherwise, Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker, Chuck Schumer will control the Senate, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and other radical dems will be running key House committees. Trump, Pence and Kavanaugh will be impeached. Taxes will be raised. Illegal aliens will officially be first class citizens…. need I continue?