Dem Appropriations Chair Admits Democrats Have “No Consensus” on How to Secure the Border


House Democrat Appropriations Chair Nita Lowey just delivered a bad blow to the democrat party who keep saying they support border security. They support border security so much they have no consensus aka plan on how to secure the southern border. The dems are just saying they support border security to gain public trust and support.

This should actually sound familiar it’s what the GOP did for 8 years on obamacare. They talked repeal and then when the ball was in their court they apparently had no plan, scrambled to come up with something only to have it shot down by one jerk (McCain). Do we need to mention 1986 amnesty Reagan granted? He gave congress what they wanted on the promise that they would also do border security. Well he’s still waiting for what he was promised which is why POTUS should not give the dems 1 inch on this standoff.

These people do not care about any of us. They want the border left wide open, for all those illegals to pile in, conveniently setting up camp in red states so they can do the US what they did to California. You see CA began making its drastic change right around/ after ’86 when Reagan did amnesty, and now look at the state. CA is a disaster, homelessness is rampant, illegals are treated like first class citizens, their presence has changed the states demographics effecting it electoral system producing one party rule.

This govt shutdown is painful but must happen because if something isn’t done your state no matter how red you think it is will turn blue. TX is on its way with North Carolina, Arizona, Florida and few others to follow.

Hold the line Mr President.