Saudi National Students in 8 States Facing Criminal Charges Vanish!


The border is a major problem but the other problem are those coming to the US from Saudi Arabia, and other countries legally but thinking they can do what they want here criminally and just walk – with the help of the Saudi govt. Shane Dixon Kavanaugh with The Oregonian newspaper explains this problem goes back as far as 30 years to just last year where Saudi students are committing everything from rape, sexual assault, child pornography and abuse, to manslaughter and vehicular homicide, but conveniently vanishing when time comes to stand trial or complete their sentencing.

No doubt the Saudi govt is bailing these criminals out, using its diplomatic pull and privileges to extract these monsters from the US where they are breaking multiple laws.

The US no longer needs Saudi oil, we’re now the top producer of energy. This relationship we have with them where there is no extradition treaty needs to be changed. The Saudis are not our friends, they do not share our values and principles. The Trump admin needs to get justice for American victims and all current Saudi, as well as other foreign students, need to be accounted for. Let’s not forget it wasn’t Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis, Turks etc who attacked the US on 9/11. It was 13 Saudi national hardcore islamic jihadists in the US who attacked this country.

From this report most of them sound like typical violent criminals, but what happens if the next one is an al Qaeda operative? AQ originated in Saudi Arabia, it is the birthplace of Wahhabism, which is as radical as islamic jihadists get. They can afford to miss, we can’t! We need the border locked down, and new immigration policies in place to deal with better screening of foreign students because this behavior didn’t start when they got to the US. These monsters have most likely been committing these crimes in their home country since many acts are acceptable!