Trump in 2016 Predicted 9th Month Abortion During Debate With Clinton!


During the final 2016 presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump predicted the left would move on 9th month abortions. Clinton as you would expect was condescending, claiming Trump is using “scare rhetoric”. Well look at us now New York, Virgina, Rhode Island and many states are in fact making it legal to abort full term babies. They’re legalizing what Gosnell was sent to prison for!
Trump was right, AGAIN!!

Democrats have become so unhinged they’re enacting policies, in this case abortion, on the state level they hoped Clinton would have done nationally, regardless of her saying govt should stay out of it in this debate, had she won in 2016.

The democrat party is accomplishing things, on a subtle level, that monster and his propagandist could have only dreamed of when they brought back the Third Reich!