Michael Moore Calls for ‘Outlawing Billionaires,’ Massive Tax Hike


Michael Moore appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers pushing his communist propaganda. When asked if he were running for president what would be some of the items in his platform, as you would expect, the first thing he would do is outlaw immoral billionaires. You know the people who come up with products and services, aka job creators. They have too much while others are struggling so he “would not allow this kind of disparity to continue.”

Meyers then brings up Sandy Cortez and her 70% tax the rich dream Moore of course agrees with. Super rich leftists like himself are all in favor of a massive tax hike on the rich now that they’ve made their money and won’t be a target for all these acts of wealth redistribution! Taxing the rich is how he and his ilk would end the income disparity in America, redistributing the money along with a joint!

America’s downfall will be from within… Leftists are the biggest threat to this country outside of ISIS, China or Russia.

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