Ilhan Omar: Climate Change ‘Greatest Threat That Humanity Has Ever Faced’


When she isn’t making outlandish offensive anti-American & Semitic statements, Rep Ilhan Omar can also be found championing the climate change hoax. According to this democrat socialist monster the greatest threat to humanity is not terrorism, a plague, rogue nations seeking nuclear weapons, a runaway asteroid or meteor the size of a building or the never-ending global tensions between nations to get World War 3 going. No, the ‘greatest threat that humanity has ever faced’ is climate change. That’s right man now has the ability to alter the planet’s climate.

China and India are the biggest polluters in the world, yet Omar and her ilk continue to blame the US for all that’s wrong with the climate. Without carbon dioxide we’re dead, the fmr co-founder of Greenpeace has been adamant everything democrats and the climate change flat-earthers are saying is completely untrue. Their fear mongering over the years is part of the reason why he left the movement. There is NO climate change as they’re suggesting, other than the always changing weather. No one is going to die in 10-12 years from climate change, this is nothing more than these socialists putting fear into the uneducated uninformed to gain power and control while also redistributing wealth through taxes, regs, “carbon credits” they push for.