Atty Gen Barr Backs Pres Trump’s National Emergency Declaration: “Solidly Grounded in Law”


“The humanitarian and security crisis we have on the border right now is exactly the kind of emergency that presidents are permitted to address under the National Emergencies Act.”

The Democrats and 12 GOP senators seem to think Pres Trump’s National Emergency declaration is uncalled for, trivializing the crisis we all see unfolding daily along the US southern border. Following the House and then Senate passing resolutions of disapproval, the final draft was sent to his desk to be signed, where as promised it was VETOED by Pres Trump.

Trump being a showman, knowing how to get a message across to the country (since the media LIES), had the VP, Angel Mom’s, border agents, law enforcement who are on the front lines, ya know actual experts on the border crisis, in attendance as well as DHS Sec Nielsen and Atty Gen Barr. Following DHS Sec’s comments the AG weighed in stating unequivocally Pres Trump was acting well within the rule of law and the powers delegated to him under the National Emergencies Act passed in 1976.

“The crisis that we’re dealing with today is right on our doorstep and it presents a real clear and present danger to the American people. What you’ve done from a legal standpoint is solidly grounded in law and from the standpoint of protecting the American people it’s imperative.”

Does his comment sound rehearsed, a little too well prepared legal analysis/ validation? Maybe, if anything this was Trump, through Barr, sending a message to the obstructionists he’s not playing games. The democrats and backstabbing GOP establishment hopes of the DOJ being on their side dried up in about 75 seconds.