Bernstein: Trump Is on the Verge of Igniting a Civil War in America


Washed-up, has-been “journalist”, Carl Bernstein is stoking the flames of division in America with the hopes of being relevant one more time in his life. It’s no secret this country is in a COLD civil war (yours truly believes it’s quite WARM), but Bernstein apparently wants to heat things up suggesting Pres Trump is trying to ignite actual armed conflict…

‘Donald Trump understood that we are in a cold civil war in this country. And he has exploited it and brought this cold civil war almost to the point of ignition through his actions and his words, which are unprecedented in terms of presidential conduct. No president in the history of the United States, in 246 years, has expressed the kinds of ideas and thoughts, and undemocratic notions, and authoritarian notions that he has…’

Americans support Trump because they know what he is doing is right for the country. Bernstein and co object because it destroys their false narratives, and brings their takeover America agenda to an end. He leaves out it is his people, Leftists that are taking to the streets harassing, attacking and assaulting Trump and GOP supporters.

In reality the ones who are “to the point of ignition” for a civil war in America are the democrats…. just like they did 158 years ago. We’re repeating the LATE 1850’s, the first cold civil war, between the rhetoric divisiveness, and acts of violence, again committed by the Left. They started the first civil war, they WILL start the second one – but know this, the next one will be over faster than it starts. The Left who, don’t even know which bathroom to use and are picking a fight with the people who have been buying guns and ammo at record levels since 2009, will be put in their place much faster to avoid the bloodshed this country saw from 1861-1865