Nancy Pelosi: Trump Wants to Make US ‘White Again’


The democrats are making their intentions abundantly clear over their fight to keep the citizenship question off the 2020 Census. House Speaker Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi has no legitimate argument for the question NOT to be included thus she pulls the race card.

Nancy Pelosi: Trump Wants to Make US ‘White Again’

No one said anything even remotely about race with regards to the question being “added” (more on that in a second, it’s about getting a solid count of people in the country who are supposed to be here. Democrats don’t want the question added because they know right now communities overrun with illegal aliens are predominantly democrat controlled.

Illegals are “voting” by their very presence where they increase the number of people in an area, trigger redistricting conveniently in democrat strongholds where the new district created will most likely elected another democrat Representative. By having the question included the population numbers will adjust, most likely down where there won’t be a need for so many Reps! This is how California came under democrat control starting way back after the 1986 amnesty Reagan got suckered into. CA was a Red State, but then there was amnesty and the state turned blue into the socialist nightmare it is today. CA is in fact the model for what the democrats want to do to the entire US, which is why there is so much resistance of a citizenship question. Pelosi is pulling the race card to distract, knowing dems tend to win when race becomes the center of an issue.

There is something factual missing from all this debate over the citizenship question being on the Census and it’s an important one:


The argument the Trump admin should be making is the question was already on the Census but removed for the 2010 by the fmr marxist in chief. WHY? The Trump admin simply wants to restore it, to get a count of US citizens. Unfortunately our Founders didn’t consider the democrats would become so radicalized to know they would have to be so explicit with their language. Even if Founders did make it clear the Left would challenge it as they do the Second Amendment which has it’s own Do Not Touch clause, “shall not be infringed”!

There is nothing racist, or trying to make the country “white again” with the citizenship question. Last time anyone checked there are asians, blacks, hispanics.. legal immigrants from all nationalities/ minorities in the US who actually support the question being in the Census. Trump is trying to protect the nation, where as the democrats are trying to dismantle it!

In simplest terms the democrats just want to use the illegal alien invasion to control the Electoral College!