Beto: ‘This Country… Is Still Racist at Its Foundation, at Its Core’

Bob Frank O’Rourke trying desperately to stay relevant is checking off every box that he knows triggers Leftists in his pursuit for the DNC nomination. If this cultural appropriator isn’t talking about confiscating peoples legally owned weapons he’s pushing racism.

If the US is so racist how did barack obama get elected.. TWICE? Remember the Left has made it clear mean white men are oppressing minorities from voting, so who voted for obama? Everyone who wasn’t white and leans Left. This is just nonsense and frankly Frank if you think this country is so bad LEAVE!

Pretty sad people sitting listening to this drivel applaud him for making such an outlandish false statement. If anyone is racist it’s Leftists with their never-ending attacks against white people!

Day in day out white Americans are attacked over the color of their skin, and God help you if you’re a white male, you need body armor to walk out the door at this point over the constant demonization. Horseface BETA symbolizes all that is wrong with the Left running on identity politics, since he policies would surely wreck the country.