Scarborough: Trump Base Secretly Supports Impeachment


Where do these people come from with these outlandish claims? Trump’s base do not support impeachment because they do not believe in fairylands! Pres Trump has committed no crimes, but leave it the unhinged radical Left to push lies relentlessly making lies into “truths”. Scarborough’s claim is right up there with Beto’s “gun owners want to hand over their guns” claim. There is ZERO truth to it, but they keep pushing it because they know there is a segment of America who will take every word as Gospel. Remember Biden told us how they put one over on people, truth [as they perceive it] “over fact”.

Pollsters are the biggest con-artists right next to snake oil salesmen. They sample a small group of people and then sell their sampling to represent the majority of the country. Did you get a call from a pollster? Yours truly has never been called, so they’re all bunk! Many polls are biased anyway, where pollsters will claim they contacted even number of democrats and republicans… well which republicans did you call? Did they poll Mitt Romney or Devin Nunes type republicans because there is a big difference?!

One of the biggest lies from a poll actually came from MSNBC-13 with regards to gun control. Think back to all the times you heard obama down to Moms Demand activists saying “90% of the country support gun control/background checks…”. That poll was a survey of approx 1200 MSNBC viewers, the last place anyone should be conducting a poll on such a hot topic!

Scarborough is a Leftist trying to convince people Trump has no support and impeachment will be successful. Do not list to any of his propaganda or anyone suggesting people on the Right are slowly agreeing with impeaching Trump. They’re desperate because they know whomever they get to run next year has no chance of winning. The only chance a dem has is if they impeach Trump but good luck removing him from office. If they don’t watch it and literally try to remove him from office the dems are going to see exactly why we have the Second Amendment.