Leftists Condemn Trump For Saying He’s Being Lynched But They Said It in ’98 Defending Pres Clinton

Pres Trump’s tweet about being lynched has Leftists flipping out with selective outrage.

Trump’s use of the word is the same as that from Justice Clarence Thomas, during his confirmation hearing over how the democrats were treating him.

Lynching is synonymous from America’s dark past, but keep in mind those who were behind that dark history were the KKK aka the democrat party.

Lynch/ lynched/ lynching is not a word reserved solely for one ethnic group. It is a verb describing a heinous lawless action, murder really, by a mob of people against an individual or group of people. Here is the definition, take note there is no mention of race, gender, nationality etc

“Lynching” can be used as a form of expression by an individual who is being attacked relentlessly by a mob of people with verbal attacks, or frivolous legal attacks and the like, over doing or saying something that is not within the norms of discourse or in our day and age of political correctness. We have countless examples of the mob mentality (99.999% of the time are Leftists) being exerted towards an individual over saying the “N” word, not using the proper pronoun to people with gender identity issues, speaking the truth about illegal immigration, or simply smiling as they are confronted by an individual who disagrees with their political beliefs who gets in their face with the hopes are inciting violence (You KNOW what I’m talking about).

Leave it to democrats to invoke race when Trump uses the word to properly describe how they’re treating him.

To be clear black Americans weren’t the only people lynched in America, whites, asians, hispanic, first migrants to America (NOT native), finnish, germans and Italians have all been lynched on US soil – so SHAME on ANYONE who makes it only about blacks. FTR to all the race hustlers out there when you do your revisionist history make sure you point out the 2 BIGGEST lynchings in US history was against 11 Italians in New Orleans and 17 to 20 Chinese in Los Angeles!

“A lynching” can also be used by individuals in defense of another, oh like the democrats did in 1998 during the Clinton impeachment. They have a short memory over how they carried on about Pres Clinton being lynched….

It’s okay for dems to use the word but not Trump… what’s new?

Pres Trump has every right to call the treatment he has been subjected to a lynching. The democrats are accusing him of crimes he didn’t commit, they’re holding hearings denying him and the GOP access, to in fact deny him his due process! Some have said he is guilty of treason where the punishment for said act is death – they’re calling for his death for doing his job. So yes in a way he is being lynched just like Justice Thomas was being treated.

Maybe the dems don’t like being accused of something they have a long history of doing as they try to rewrite history blaming the Right for their atrocities?!