Schiff Lays Groundwork For Dems to Challenge 2020 Election Results


It’s already been clearly established by democrats, in their own words that going through the courts takes too long, that the purpose for their rush to impeach Pres Trump is to prevent him from being on the 2020 election ballot. But should they fail to convince the Senate to remove Trump from power they do have a Plan B: challenge the election results.

Here is Adam Schiff more or less spelling both objectives out in his impeachment trial speech, many in the GOP had already had enough of with it’s repetitiveness and whining over Russia Russia Russia…..

Sen Blackburn sees it coming too

Make no mistake about it the democrats will challenge the election results if Pres Trump wins re-election. They will claim election meddling/ interference, voter/ballot tampering, Russian interference and we can also be sure they’ll make up some new things no one can even think of right now! Democrats will make the 2000 Bush v Gore election challenge look like child’s play.

Don’t assume Pres Trump has already won, or will win in a landslide. Why? Because GOP voters are incredibly LAZY, as such talk creates complacency where they’ll think “Trump has this locked up, I don’t need to vote.” Yes there are people out there that think this way. Take a look at California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and especially Virginia all now under democrat control with citizens rights being bulldozed over, high taxes and living costs, illegals being treated like first class citizens. These states, and many others on their way, have come under democrat control because GOP voters were lazy not getting out to vote opening the door for dems to take over. If that isn’t enough of a warning then take it from Pres Trump himself….