American Left Chooses China Over the USA


In a historic time dealing with a pandemic that will forever change this country, and when the nation should be coming together the Left, in a clear concerted effort, has decided to side with the COMMUNIST Chinese govt. The finger pointing and charges of racism by the Left is coming from China.

Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity both addressed the Left demonstrating they’re more than happy to side with China. Carlson nailed the Left dead to rights “So remember the same people lecturing you here spent three years calling their political enemies puppets of the Russian government, people guilty of treason, and now these very same people eagerly repeat everything Beijing wants them to repeat, which only proves what we said from day one: Whatever they’re accusing you of, is exactly, precisely, to the letter what they’re doing themselves”.


Here we have another video compilation of the Left earlier this year pushing racism nonsense when Pres Trump issued the travel ban from China. Had he not done that, the US could have very much been in the same situation that is now unfolding in Italy, where another 800 people have died from the virus today alone!


We’ve been calling the Left a bunch of socialists for sometime now. Socialism is communism-lite, where all it took was for Trump to issue a travel ban and rightfully call the virus a “Chinese virus” for countless people to out themselves as communist sympathizers!