CNN’s King Goes Off Trump Over ‘Bullsh*t Attack’ on NBC Reporter

The corrupt media never misses a step coming to each others aid when Orange Man Mean puts any of them in their place. In the daily Chinese virus press briefing, Pres Trump torched ‘Concast’s’ NBC reporter Peter Alexander for accusing him of giving Americans a false sense of hope over several treatments being developed for the virus.

This confrontation set the media off accusing Trump of everything under the Sun including of having a meltdown. Enter CNN’s John King who couldn’t contain his hatred for the President calling what he did a ‘bullshit attack on fake news’.

Maybe if the media didn’t push the fearmongering as of late, and not so much bullshit fake news Trump would be nicer to them!

You can watch the entire presser encounter here. It started off cordial, Trump said the treatment may or might not work. He is confident it could be the answer we’re looking for, but he did express his reservations, so you go both sides so to speak from him. But the media always has to get their licks in, looking for any angle to take him down or make hemlock bad as Alexander attempted. And when Trump puts them in their place for their lies or unnecessary attacks the media has to attack, always trying to get the last word in showing their true, biased, vile side. King, Alexander none of them are reporters/ journalists. These people are opinionated commentators and political activists who never report the truth or anything positive Trump has done. Instead, they are working their asses off to take this him down.