Trump Torches Fearmongering ‘Concast’ NBC Reporter Accusing Him of Giving False Sense of Hope


The media is out of control (what’s new) driving fear, and frankly incivility with their constant attacks at the President. They have been throwing gasoline on the fire with this Chinese virus, scaring the hell out of people.

Here we have NBC’s Peter Alexander doing his part by accusing Pres Trump for giving Americans, and the world really, a false sense of hope over the potential of new treatments being developed, as well as some old ones for malaria, that show promise in stopping the Chinese virus. How is it journalistic to ask the President if he is more or less giving a false sense of hope to the people!?

Trump had every right to lay into this creep and anyone else in the media looking for their chance to be in the spotlight trying to make him look bad.
Heres the full exchange…

These liberal hacks in the media refuse to see the people are tired of this hate from them 24/7/365. This isn’t politics, this is peoples lives and the nation is at stake. And what are they media doing? Trying to beat down Trump and anyone who isn’t in lockstep with their agenda. There is nothing to gain from this sensationalism Alexander and his ilk are desperate for. It’s like a drug with them, each trying for their moment to get Trump or make you his supporters feel stupid for ever giving him the time of day.

Trump got a follow up to Peter’s question by fellow HACK Cecilia Vega (who thinks saying Chinese virus is racist) where he continued to squash the ‘Concast’ hack and others who do not report straight news….

Donald Trump is doing a fantastic job handling this pandemic and dealing with the haters on the Left. In these tough times the last thing you want to do is a change of the guard. So come Nov 3rd, you better cast your vote for Trump, because theres no way a communist sympathizer like Joe Biden could ever deal with what’s going on. If he or that witch were running things right now, it would be a chaotic scene out of movie.