DNC Chair Calls Trump the ‘Most Dangerous President in American History’


MSDNC’s Andrea Mitchell expressed her concern to DNC Chair Tom Perez about Bernie Sanders candidacy leading up to the democrats convention. Perez is confident Sanders ‘will abide by the rules’ at convention and then attacked President Trump calling him ‘the most dangerous president in American history.’


Perez never gave reasons for his hysteria but we know why. Donald Trump is slamming a wrecking ball into everything Perez’s old boss obama did that hurt businesses and the economy, destroying healthcare through obamacare, weakening our military/bowing down to the will of America’s enemies and slamming the brakes on fundamental transformation.

The dems don’t like Trump proving they lied and America can be on top, people don’t have to settle and regain respect around the world. Trump’s a threat to the way things used to go, where the power elite got richer and more power while screwing all of us.