Two Angry Vets Confront Biden Over Supporting the Iraq War


Airforce veteran Michael Thurman, and another US Army veteran off camera both with About Face: Veterans Against War, confronted Joe Biden over his support for the Iraq War. Anger was definitely in the air as Thurman asked Biden to justify what made him think he was qualified to be President after voting and enabling a war that “killed thousands of our brothers and sisters and countless Iraqi civilians?”!

Biden had no answer, instead in typical self-centered liberal fashion he made the confrontation about himself/ his son rather (Beau Biden) who was there for a year, warning Thurman not to go after him. The issue at hand was American troops being sent to war who died and Biden’s support for it and then reversed saying he made a “bad judgement”. His son going for a year and returning has nothing to do with the dead? Making matters worse in a spineless move Biden turns his back and walks away while Thurman, and the other vet, continued to declare he is “disqualified” from running, let alone serving as President.

If the former US Senator and then VP can’t answer a veterans question about the war they sent him and others to fight, that he admitted was “a bad judgement” what makes Biden think he is qualified to be Commander in Chief? He should be disqualified for playing a role in getting the US involved in the longest war “we’ve” ever had. It should’ve been limited with an end goal – get Saddam out of power for countless violations of UN resolutions, dismantle al-Qaeda and the capture or killing of bin Laden.

How many more bad judgements would Joe make as President? We can’t take that chance vote Trump  Nov 3rd.