Watch OAN’s Chanel Rion Savage Liberal Media at White House Press Conference


Pres Trump fielded questions from the press at the daily coronavirus presser where he took a question from OAN’s Chanel Rion who proceeded to savage her liberal media colleagues over their now daily whining of Trump saying “Chinese virus”, while they’re touting Communist China’s propaganda!

Rion made an outstanding point, is it racist to say “Chinese food”!? If calling food from CHINESE restaurants, based on cuisine from CHINA, is not racist, then why would calling a virus that originated in China a “Chinese virus” be deemed racist by the unhinged rabid media!?

These Leftists have no shame as Jim Acosta whined about Trump using the phrase at the open of the presser…

One can only assume Rion saw the tweet to prompt her question to the President.

Then Tater came along, for those who don’t know that’s Brian Stelter, trying to trivialize and shame OAN for calling out the LIBERAL HACK media…

OAN may be small, for now, but they’re growing and based on how all of the media is conducting themselves, including Fox News, they’re probably going to be the news network everyone will be watching in the next 5-10 years.

This nonsense from the media has to stop. They’re so divisive and hateful at this point, it’s not helping anyone during this pandemic. You know the media is in the wrong when you have the Governors of California and New York, both hardcore Leftists,

AND even Rep Omar having nothing but praise for the President in his handling of this CHINESE virus!!

Leftist media are on notice the American people are NOT going to forget how they have sided with Chinese Communist regime.