Omar Lashes Out Against ‘Two Accused Sexual Predators’ on Supreme Court


The Left is beyond obsessed with abortion, as they are with climate change, where it’s like a religion to them. Rep Ilhan Omar several days ago, as the unhinged gathered in protest of an abortion case being in front of the Supreme Court that go Chuck Schumer in trouble, posted an absurd tweet stating ‘Abortion is a Constitutional right’!

Yeah…. Not sure what copy of the Constitution she has but it’s not in the copy I and many of you have. Omar then followed up by lashing out at Justice’s Kavanaugh and Thomas that these ‘two accused sexual predators’ have no business ruling on the case before them that will effect women’s healthcare…

What is it about abortion that drive the Left to absolute madness? How is aborting an unborn baby women’s healthcare?

Justice Kavanaugh’s accuser surfaced during his confirmation who didn’t know when or where the alleged assault took place. It was a poorly planned out attach by she who will not be named and her ilk who widened the divide in this country. The others who piled on proved it was all a hoax to ruin the man.

Justice Thomas had to endure a similar attack following accusations from Anita Hill during his nomination where he summed it up as a high tech lynching…

Forget all that, what’s at issue here is what was mentioned just a few days ago that these democrat “leaders” are preaching to extremely unstable individuals.

This is the kind of rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the unhinged violent Left. Maxine Waters is a professor of it and we know what has happened since her threats have been made – Trump admin personnel have been harassed and threatened, including at their home. Congress members have also met similar treatment and supporters of the President have been viciously and violently attacks because of this kind of rhetoric.

While Omar may not have intended it, the unhinged radicals, like antifa, who take these “leaders” every word as gospel will interpret this rant as a green light to go after Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh, who was on the receiving end of death threats as it was when he was nominated.

How many more acts of violence will we have to witness until these people are reigned in and held accountable? Dems talk about the vitriol and violence from the Right, but they are the ones actually carrying things out.

This is very bad for the nation and extremely dangerous precedents over the lawlessness taking place in our nations capital are being made almost daily now. It’s another indicator of the COLD civil war we’re in. All it takes now to set things off is for someone STUPID to act on the words coming from the democrat party. We’ve already had unhinged violent Leftists act out as it is against the GOP in 2017, Rand Paul was attacked in his own yard, several Trump admin officials have been harassed and threatened outside of work, countless stories of Trump supporters being attacked. If anything happens to Justice Thomas or Kavanaugh will that be the spark to light the HOT civil war?

[Yes, the above should look familiar the same thing was said about Schumer!]