Street Preacher Screams ‘You’re Choking Me’ in Seattle’s CHAZ


The nationwide “protest” was started over the barbaric treatment by a bad cop using a choking technique on George Floyd that resulted in his death. It’s not surprising to see the occupiers of Seattle, in the Nation of CHAZ using a choke hold against a street preacher.

For people for abhor violence and have taken to the streets rioting and looting over a man being choked to death they sure have a strange way of showing it!

There was apparently another scuffle over the preacher occupying the stage calling it a “Christ Zone,” and from there things NATURALLY escalated…

Well, that’s life for you in Antifastan, the model for all cities across America and it all starts Nov 4th after people foolishly vote for Joe Biden.. or really his VP. Whoever his choice for VP is they’ll be the next President of the USA after Biden resigns for “medical reasons,” unless the VP beats him to it invoking the 25th Amendment. If that idea scares you then you better make sure you, everyone you and they know votes for Trump and GOP Nov 3rd, other wise this nation will become the United States of CHAZ.