CNN Crew Attacked by Angry “Protesters” in Atlanta


Following the death of Rayshard Brooks Friday night in Atlanta, after fighting with police taking their taser and being shot, a “protest” broke out late Saturday night where an angry mob was taking their frustration out against the Wendy’s restaurant where the shooting took place. Why? Well it’s Wendy’s fault for calling the police of course in the first place, and as a CNN crew was present to capture the “protest” the angry mob turned their attention on the crew as Natasha Chen explains…


Violence is never condoned, but did CNN really think they would be welcome with open arms? The media doesn’t seem to understand they are not special or a protected class. CNN and the others are quite arrogant believing so, regardless of how they cover these RIOTS they call protests. It’s quite ironic, they pander and give cover to the mob only to be turned on by them! People deem the media as much an enemy as they do politicians and the police right now.

Will CNN change their coverage after this and other incidents as of late? NOPE, they’ll keep doing what they’re doing, throwing gasoline on the fire so long as it hurts Pres Trump and the GOP in November.

That is what this is all about now, getting Trump out of office, because if this rage over the deaths of black men was legit they would be rioting when it’s a black cop shooting a black criminal!