1969 Vid Warns About Communists Using Racial Conflict to Destroy America


What you’re seeing play out everyday is not by accident, it’s part of a larger plan that has been in the works for a VERY LONG time. This video is from 1969 where G Edward Griffin explains since the 1920’s the communists have had plans to use minorities through racial tensions to lead to division, uprisings and violence in order to destroy America! He cites communist propaganda as well as the book Color Communism and Common Sense by Manning Johnson, who was all onboard with communism until he realized communists were just using minorities ‘in a bloody revolution to destroy America.’

Safe to say this vid alone is why Griffin has been labeled a conspiracist (He also authored the Creature From Jekyll Island, which is about how the Federal Reserve was actually created). But take a look around, everything he’s talking about in this 51 year old video is playing out right now!

Democrats ARE closet communists, many aren’t even hiding it as they proclaim that they’re socialists (communism-lite), while others identify as “Progressives” which is just PC for communists. Make no mistake dems have been using minorities for DECADES for money, power and control. Privileged WHITE liberal “progressives” are the catalysts at all the riots, looting and uprisings going on. They get the ball rolling, amping already enraged people up in minority communities and the next thing we know downtown Minneapolis is on fire, Baltimore is being torn apart etc etc. This video confirms the Left is trying to bring an end to America with a bloody revolution but causing chaos in minority communities that fans out!

Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Leftists and whatever they’re calling themselves this week are America’s biggest existential threat. They truly believe when the dust settles they will be standing tall to guide this country into a new direction.

Wanna stop them? You better vote Trump in Nov and send him as many reinforcements as possible in Congress, as well as support from state level leaders.