MSNBC’s Reid Claims No One From BLM ‘Has Been Arrested for Anything Violent’


What a pack of lies from Joy Reid and these blm terrorists. Take note how the same generalities are thrown out to attack Pres Trump with no proof. This is propaganda 101 telling the same lies over and over again until they become ‘truth’.

Pres Trump has condemned racists many times but these monsters ignore and say it didnt happen because it destroys their narrative

As for Reid’s opening statement is she serious? BLM TERRORISTS have been getting arrested for violent acts, along with their Pantifa pals, for months. Then again Reid is right! They’re not because democrat officials in the democrat controlled cities/states these violent unhinged DEMOCRATS are looting, rioting, committing arson etc are not prosecuting them – they’re cutting them loose. So depending on where matters but Reid conveniently leaves out.


Just think in a few mos these monsters will potentially be helping run the country, setting policy because millions of Americans will fall for free stuff and everyone is racist pitch just like they did for the last guy who did it.. and we were stuck with him for 8 years!